When considering your guest list, you might be anticipating that several of your guests will be bringing their children.  Maybe even you yourself, your immediate family member, or someone in your wedding party has a young one that will be part of your festivities.  Including kids in your wedding ceremony and reception celebrations can feel challenging, but it can be simple and fun with these tricks up your sleeve!

  1. Consider adding a kids activity table to your reception layout.  Check out some of these fun ideas, like making your own wedding coloring book or activity mat so that kids can celebrate with you while staying occupied and out of trouble!


2. You might have a cake or other dessert planned for your adult guests, but consider dessert options that would be kid-friendly.  Some ideas include setting up an ice cream decorating bar or a table of jarred candy.


3. Create separate play spaces for kids at your wedding.  This could be a tent with some simple toys, or even an area for kids to play tag and blow bubbles.


4. Get the kids involved in creating memories with you!  Give them a disposable camera and a checklist, such as this one below!  They’ll have a blast going on this scavenger hunt and you can get those bad boys developed later to make a fun collage of your special day.



5. If you’ve got some lil ones close to your heart, why not make them feel special by including them in your wedding processional?  Check out these adorable ring/sign bearers on parade!