With the weather warming up, you are probably thinking about picnics and pool parties, not Christmas.  However, now is the time to plan your holiday party so you can lock in the venue and date of your choice.  Don’t settle for what is leftover in November.  Book now so when the hustle and bustle of the holiday season hits, you can relax.  Here are some tips for planning a great holiday party:

1.  Once your venue and date is set, you might want to consider doing a save the date.  The holiday season is filled with social activities and your guest’s calendars will fill up quickly.

2.  Select a theme.   Some ideas are: Masquerade Ball, Santa’s Workshop, The Chocolate Factory, Winter Wonderland, or Old Fashioned Dickens’ Christmas Party.  The choices are endless and you do not have to stick with traditional holiday selections, it’s ok to think out of the box.

3.  Make the most of the events team at the venue, they’ll know the space really well and will have seen plenty of events there so don’t be afraid to fire all your questions at them.

4.  Food is a key part of any event – and a Christmas party is certainly no different. If you’re holding your party after work then everyone will have one thing in common – they’ll be starving within an hour or being there! If you’re opting for a sit down meal, then make sure this is the first thing on your agenda.  Also, make sure there are enough to go around. If people leave the party on an empty stomach, then that’s the thing they’ll remember.  If you are serving drinks, consider a special cocktail that goes with your theme.  For a non-alcoholic choice, a hot chocolate bar is always a hit.

5.  Just like with the best venues, the best entertainment will book first.  If you are planning on having a band, DJ, speaker, or any other sort of entertainment, book them now so you don’t have to stress later.

Did you know?

You do not have to be a member to have an event at Shadow Hills.  The event center is open to all members of our community.  Give us a call at 541-998-2365 or  email  to start planning.

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